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        联系地址: 武汉市洪山区民族大道龙安·港汇城A座2212室

        订票热线 027-66662727(全国)

        票务热线 027-66662727 售后电话 027-66662929



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        Shining extraordinary unique wonderful
        湖北精彩在线文化传播有限公司,于2012年6月在湖北省武汉市注册成立,同时具备国家文化部门颁发的营业性演出许可证。公司前身是由钱志新先生于2007年在湖南省长沙市一手创办的“长沙壹贰叁文化传播有限公司”,为实现产业升级而将重心转向湖北武汉。精彩在线自成立以来,凭借敏锐的行业触觉与精准的市场定位,现已发展成为中国华中地区演艺活动的行业标杆Hubei wonderful online Culture Communication Co., Ltd., in 2012 June in Hubei Province, Wuhan City incorporated, also have issued by National Culture Department of the commercial performance license. The predecessor of the company is by Mr. Qian Zhixin in 2007 in Hunan Province, Changsha city founded "Changsha 123 Culture Communication Co., Ltd.", to achieve industrial upgrading and will focus shifted to the Hubei wuhan. Wonderful online since its inception, with sharp industry tactile and accurate market positioning, has become the central China area China performing arts industry standards.
        精彩在线致力于产品的多元化发展,集高品质演唱会、音乐节、艺人经纪、大型活动、舞美策划、演出设备租赁等业务于一体。公司成立3年以来,曾携手周杰伦、郎朗、张惠妹、孙燕姿、林俊杰、苏打绿、汪峰等众多两岸三地重量级艺人为广发歌迷带来一场场饕餮视听盛宴,覆盖面仅30万人次,并创造出巨大社会影响力Wonderful online is committed to product diversification, set high quality concert, music festival, artist management, large-scale activities, the planning stage, stage equipment rental services in one. Since the company was founded 3 years, used to work Jay Chou, Lang Lang, Sherry, Stefanie Sun, JJ Lin, soda green, Wang Feng and many other cross-strait three heavyweight artists bring a series of Taotie visual feast for the GF fans, the coverage is only 300000 times, and created a huge social impact force.
        除了具有强大的规模和专业优势,我们还拥有一支朝气蓬勃、思维超前并集设计、策划、执行、票务营销与一身的专业团队,借助领先的娱乐资源和卓越的演艺运作的实力,致力于构建一个精彩、积极、向上、有着鲜明特色的文化传播品牌。            In addition to having strong scale and professional advantages, we also have a team full of youthful spirit, thinking ahead and set design, planning, execution, ticket marketing and a professional team, with the leading source of entertainment and excellent acting operating strength, is committed to building a wonderful, positive, upward, with distinctive features the dissemination of culture brand.
        专业与实力兼具的精彩在线,在前行的道路上,继续以专业品质树立品牌形象,以精彩合作来拓展市场,以发展创新的艺术精神,描绘更广阔炫丽的文化之路,闪耀更非凡独特的 精彩时代!Both the professional and the strength of the wonderful online, in the way, to establish a brand image with professional quality, with a wonderful cooperation to expand the market, to develop the innovative spirit of art, depicting a broader dazzling Cultural Road, shining more extraordinary unique wonderful age!
        027-66662727(全国) 票务热线027-66662727 售后电话027-66662929


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